Get Social (2)

Wake Forest University School of Law has a story to tell. We encourage interested students, faculty and staff to contribute to our greater narrative with social media participation. In a concerted effort to develop our reach within the digital community, we have outlined branding requirements and useful tips for individuals who may want to join the conversation. These tips and resources are outlined below.


General Social Media Tips 

• 140 characters is the magic number for any social media post.

• Images drive engagement and traffic. All posts should contain an owned or royalty-free image.

• Hashtags are a great social media tool when used with strategy.

• Consistent messaging fuels viewership and engagement.

• Social media  is an opportunity to voice our story and brand. Simplifying how we use this tool will make our voice even louder.

• For more specific details and suggestions regarding best practices for social media, please explore our social media guidelines.


Useful Links and Information for Successful Promotion

1. Creating Visual Media for Promotion

• Acceptable Wake Forest Law Fonts for visual media include (1) Pathway Gothic One (2) Quattrocento (3) Minion Pro (4) Bebas Neue.

• There are a number of resources for students, faculty, and staff wishing to create visual media. Wake Forest University provides the Adobe Creative Suite to current students, faculty, and staff. To download Photoshop, Illustrator and/or InDesign, please visit software.wfu.eduPlease note: If you do not have previous experience of knowledge of the Adobe Suite, Canva is a suggested resource for individuals seeking to create their own custom graphics for social media.

• The following pixel dimensions are suggested when creating visual media for digital publication (width X height):

(a) Social Media (general) and Email:  800 px X 800 px

(b) Facebook Event Image & Digital Poster Image: 1920 px X 1080 px

(c) Website: 700 px X 350 px

• To create digital posters, please use these templates.


2. Style Guides & Branding Standards

Wake Forest University School of Law’s Social Media Style Guide 

• Please refer to Wake Forest University’s Identity StandardsWake Forest Law logos are available for download.

• Please note that Wake Forest University Athletics branding cannot and should not be used in any Wake Forest Law publication. Details regarding Wake Forest Athletics branding standards are available.

• Wake Forest University School of Law faculty and staff are encouraged to read Wake Forest University’s social media policies.


3.  Visual Media for Promotion

• Students, faculty and staff must use personal and/or royalty-free images if they are to do any visual promotion on behalf of Wake Forest Law. The following links are resources for permissible media, noting that each individual accessing these sites should always double-check usage rights prior to use: (1) Free Stock Photo Sites via Hootsuite (2) U.S. Library of Congress: Prints & Photographs Online.

• Students, faculty and staff may purchase images should they feel their visual needs fall outside of royalty-free catalogues. Some acceptable sources are as follows: (1) Adobe Stock (2) iStock (3) Shutterstock (4) Getty ImagesPlease Note: If you are seeking an image for a large-scale event or symposium, all image requests should go through Holly Swenson at