How To Promote Your Event

Access the student organization marketing powerpoint at Prezi.

So you or your student group has invited a fascinating speaker or speakers to campus and they have accepted! Or you have been given the responsibility for organizing a daylong event, such as a journal symposium. The first thing you must do is check dates on the law school event calendar. Once you have determined a date that is free of other conflicts at the law school and/or during an activity hour, please submit the event to DeaconSpace. Include a description of your event in the attach file area of DeaconSpace. You may also email details (up to 1,000 characters) to Then you can confirm dates with your speaker(s).

Once you have confirmed your event and room booking in DeaconSpace and it has been approved by the Events Department, following is a checklist that will ensure you get the most publicity for your event/speaker!

Event Marketing Checklist

• Create comprehensive paragraph explaining the event, ie. the who, the what, the why, the when and the where. Add this to your event on the law school calendar and your organization’s social media as an event on Facebook, for example. To add to digital billboards on the first floor, use these digital billboard templates.

• Add the event to the university calendar. If you want to attract attendees from outside the Wake Forest University community, consider adding to other free community calendars, ie.

• If your event involves a national speaker, for example, and you would like help publicizing your event, please submit your request to